Land drainage

Initially, I worked as a self employed sub contractor for a large Suffolk based drainage company, operating wheeled excavators and stone carts on land drainage teams. I went on to join the company on a full time basis gaining skills and knowledge in land drainage schemes, laying drains with field trenchers and team management.

I started my own business in 2010 with just a second hand, seven year old, thirteen ton excavator and three buckets for ditch and culvert maintenance.

In 2013 I expanded the business so that I can now compliment my drainage work with hedge coppicing and scrub or hedge cutting, especially when conditions are too wet for wheeled vehicle access.

In 2018 I purchased a new Hitachi ZAXIS 130-6 excavator.

Over the last two years, I have been working with Norfolk Internal Drainage Board (WMA) on a large water project on Halvergate Marshes.


Tracked excavator filled with biodegradable hydraulic oil for working in and around waterways

Various sized buckets

2.4 metre wide ditching bucket

Landscaping rake

14 inch Dymax grab and shear (available upon request)

Heavy duty flail head (available upon request)

All work on site is fully insured. Details available upon request.